a world without chronic diseases


Over 75% of world’s population die from chronic diseases

Source: World Health Organization Statistics

The number of persons >40 years old is estimated to be more than 4 billion by 2050

Source: United Nations Population Fund

Chronic Diseases are caused by a common and silent condition: CHRONIC SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION (CSI) ”the mother of all diseases”

Source: More than 5,000 publications issued in high impact journals from 2000 to date.

” THE ‘EXPOSOME’ triggers the Inflammatory response”

Source: >10,000 cured published scientific articles

“After chronological age, CSI is the most accurate predictor of all cause Mortality (even more than cholesterol , kidney function, etc)”

Source: Longitudinal study performed in 1500 subjects, Arai Y, et al EBiomedicine 2015 in Japan Cross-seccional study performed in 160,000 subjects, Proctor MJ, et al PlosOne 2015 worldwide


The biggest study of human immunology and aging to date
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•1002 subjects studied
•Aged 9-96
•USD 35M+



Hundreds of thousands of parameters from peripheral blood where studied

System Biology Approach

Composite inflammatory index

System Biology Approach

85% subjects over 40 years old have a high risk CSI score 


the product

Our iAge® test will help determine your inflammatory age.

A simple blood test, the best predictor of co-morbidity and mortality, ”the new cholesterol, yet better”

Source: 1KIP , NEJM under submission

We can ́t stop time, however we can slow down our “biological inner clock” through measuring and tackling CSI

Source: JUVE team


The iAge™ Test requires a simple blood draw by a trained phlebotomist.
If you are interested in taking the iAge test you can contact us through this form and we will advise you.